Good to know

This is the stuff you need, but don’t worry we will help you out!

Domain & Hosting

Domain name of your website is / and Hosting (server) is where your website lives.

(all files and emails will be stored here)

Design & Support

We design and maintain
your website for everyone to visit.
PSSST.. we can also help you out finding or transferring your domain and hosting.




Changes and requests are answered within 24hs.

Usually problems are solved in less than 48hs unless its a third party..

Having quality pictures makes any company look more professional and there are three ways to do it:
  • 1.Buying pictures online or finding non copyrighted images.
  • 2. Requesting our service of basic photography or
  • 3. professional photos to an added cost.
Everybody needs a business card. Sometimes it’s like the second handshake. We provide custom designed business cards of different dimensions that will be ready to print in any printing of your choice. You can also ask us for prices.

Book covers, Magazines cover, Booklets, Information both for e-books and for printed books. We will help you find the correct images, colours and fonts to give a fast impression to your future reader.

We do not have printing services in-house but we trust a handful of printing services that are specific to different types of printing, for example business cards maps t-shirts etc.


Yes. You can add as many images as you like. They have a fixed cost per month and we would be happy to advice you into which images are best in size or quality.

Yes we can. at the moment we can translate into English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Italian, Swedish, Norwegian and Danish.

Brochures and flyers are effective and economic ways to hand out printed information in great quantities. For example promotions on the street, discount vouchers, pizzeria menus to bring home etc.

Yes . But finding the right sizes or format ( for your background image, profile etc) can be challenging. Also you might want to link your page to your website.

What is..

Responsive has become a trendy word . But in simple it means making your website ready for different screen sizes.

This is all the paper material your company uses. Things like envelopes, paper, notepads etc could get a nicer touch with your company’s logo.

We provide 3D modelling with basic rendering but we work together with extremely talented people and they can answer to any type of request – including animation.

Twitter card is similar to SEO but only for twitter . It makes the links of your website look nice and not like a text.

In simple Social links are the icons that connects your website to your social media such as fb, instagram or twitter. But it is a little bit more complicated than that.

This is an alternative way for people to contact you directly from your page instead of having your email written out. This is extremely important to avoid spam. You still use your normal email inbox.

Internal pages or menu items such as HOME, ABOUT, CONTACT, etc.

STATIC MAP is an image of your location on a map. It may not always look correct depending the screen size.

ACTIVE MAPS– for example google or gives you different options as satellite view , street views traffic info and zoom. This is especially useful for mobile phones since it gives you fast access to the Maps Application of your choice.

Search engine optimisation and there are three general types : basic, plus and dedicated . We only offer basic or plus.
  • Basic: is only the essential keywords and some meta-tags
  • Plus: is richer meta-tags tags opengraph (as Facebook and twitter tags) and general structured data.
This is what search engines such as google , Yahoo, bing and social medias care about to make your page show up.
A logotype is the popular word that refers to the corporate visual icon or tag. It is one of the most important elements, if not the most, in branding design. It is important to spend enough time finding the true meaning of what your company does, say, feel like or is about. Over time a logo can make the difference between your products and somebody else’s, adding value and creating customer loyalty. If you feel unsure of your logo it is always a good thing to redesign. If your logo is old and in need of update we encourage you to “vectorise” it, which means making it in HD, ready to be used on screens of all sizes and printed materials of all kinds. -Branding is the sum-up of ALL the elements that makes your brand recognisable. It is a system in which colours, fonts, images and logo work together as one.

Desktop Publishing or Text layout is what makes the elements on a book magazine or publication to be nicely balanced. So that images, text , margins , fonts and Font size, colours etc. make sense.